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For Greg Susoreny, it’s been a long journey pursuing his passion for writing and recording music. While his arrival in music comes after starting several businesses in other industries, he is not ending something; he’s just getting started. With the strong country rock/adult contemporary sound that defines his music, time spent listening to Greg will put you into a thought-provoking mood. Greg says his current single, “Forgive Me Father” – recorded in Nashville, TN – was written out of honesty and frustration in regards to the current state of our world. “I hope my music inspires people to reflect on what is really important in life.”  

Born in Northwest Indiana and raised in Dallas, Texas, Susoreny founded a technical staffing and software company in Dallas, a small café in Las Colinas, Texas, and started a general contracting company in Miami Beach, Florida. A true entrepreneur, Greg has a keen eye for opportunity. As he watched musicians play at his café, he recognized his opportunity to pursue his passion for music, and his motivation to start his own record label. It wasn’t long after he started working on his songwriting that he founded Truth Records. He signed his first artist after moving to Miami Beach, Florida in 2001.

Working with his first Truth Records artist was a good motivator for him, and as they worked on his album, Greg’s desire to write and record his own music came calling. “I’ve always been a poet at heart. Rhymes come easy to me, and I can clearly hear the song melodies in my head even though I am not proficient in playing an instrument. Original thought provoking songs, written from the heart, are a natural fit for Susoreny, who has always held honesty as his mantra.  Being at the musical helm is also the right fit for his entrepreneurial spirit. Not only did he found Aqua Blue Records, the label on which his music is released, but he directly manages every aspect of the creation, production and release of his music.

Greg is also focused on building Aqua Blue Records and writing and recording more of his music. There is a lot more to come, “I want to release more music of my own, and build Aqua Blue Records. I want to find talented artists who have the drive and determination to become successful.”




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